An Ontology-based Model for Contextual Recommendations in e-learning

Dalibor Petkovič, Nebojša Denić, Goran Perenić
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Dramatic increase of learning resources has made the process of learning a time-consuming task for learners to find relevant resources. Recommender systems are increasingly being developed in E-Learning systems to find relevant resources and facilitate both learning and teaching process. The learning style is defined as the learners’ preferences in the way they seek and understand information in the learning process. Although many work have been published in the field of recommender systems in E-learning systems, more research should be conducted to study contextual information such as learning style to create more relevant recommendations. We focus the leaning style in order to create an ontology model for recommender systems. To establish this goal, the following objectives should be achieved: to review six aforementioned learning style models, to investigate what are the basic components (properties) of users’ learning style and to present an ontology model for creating recommendations using learning style.


Ontology, collaborative, recommendation system, learner, education.

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Petković, D., Denić, N. & Perenić, G. (2017). An ontology-based model for contextual recommendations in e-learning. International Journal of Technology in Education and Science (IJTES), 1(1), 18-23.


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