Digitalization in Higher Education: A Qualitative Approach

Naciye Guliz Ugur
1571 1067


The increasing use of digital technology by young people has become a major concern in the 21st century. This access to technology has led to hot-button arguments surrounding the place of these technologies in our lives and the implications that they have for the future. The incorporation of multimodal and digital technologies in courses has been increasing, with documentaries, social media posts, and blogs host significant spaces for learning and coursework. These forms of knowledge and communication have started to become legitimized in the classroom setting, in addition to the traditional educational technologies such as lectures and textbooks. This paper explores the assumptions by instructors and students concerning why and how multimodal and digital technologies are incorporated into undergraduate classes by qualitative approach. Also, the actual experiences that students and instructors have in using these forms of media in an educational context are investigated via participant observation, in-depth review and open-ended questionnaire techniques along the research


Digitalization, Web 2.0, In-depth review, Observation, Undergraduate

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Ugur, N.G. (2020). Digitalization in higher education: A qualitative approach. International Journal of Technology in Education and Science (IJTES), 4(1), 18-25.



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