Digital Storytelling as a Problem-Solving Strategy in Mathematics Teacher Education: How Making a Math-eo Engages and Excites 21st Century Students

Lynne Masel Walters, Martha R. Green, Dianne Goldsby, Dawn Parker
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This study examines whether creating a mathematics-based digital story increases pre-service teachers’ understanding of the problem solving process, the relationship among visual, auditory and verbal representation in critical thinking/problem solving in mathematics. Survey results indicated that pre-service teachers were unfamiliar with the uses of technology in the teaching process. However, as they worked through the writing/problem solving procedures and constructed digital stories, they became more aware of the advantages of using this multimodal product, called Math-eos, to teach mathematical concepts to elementary/middle school students. The pre-service teachers perceived that Math-eos offered a “cool” new tool for their own learning and teaching and for integrating digital technology in mathematics education to increase student engagement, motivation and acquisition of content knowledge.


Digital storytelling, mathematics education, multimodal technology, problem solving, pre-service teachers, teaching strategies.

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Walters, L.M., Green, M.R., Goldsby, D., & Parker, D. (2018). Digital storytelling as a problem-solving strategy in mathematics teacher education: How making a math-eo engages and excites 21st century student. International Journal of Technology in Education and Science (IJTES), 2(1), 1-16.


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